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Did you know?
The print on a cat's nose has a unique ridged pattern, like a human fingerprint.

Foster homes are ALWAYS needed! Cats and kittens don't belong in cages. Thus foster homes are invaluable in socializing them for adoption. As a “feline foster parent” you can choose the length of time you wish to foster – as little as 2 weeks up to several months. Homes are needed for every age and situation – from tiny orphaned kittens needing bottle feeding up to older cats needing to de-stress or recover from illness. All food, litter and medical care is provided, along with appropriate training and ongoing support. Fostering is an intense and rewarding experience. Feline Foster Parents are life savers – in every sense of the word !

You will receive training for and support during your fostering time period, (which could be anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months) and all food and litter is provided. Please click here to complete our online foster application, or call us at 519.301.5735 for more information.

Knitting & Crocheting
Knit or crochet for our foster cats and kittens! We have patterns for beds and blankets available below. Pick one (or more) and get your hands busy! Foster kitties will be warm and cozy, and the bed or blanket will go with them to their forever homes when they are adopted.

As FFN operates solely through donations, we need to fundraise in order to run our programs.

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This humane alternative to "trap and kill" for managing the overpopulation of feral and street cats is a vital and growing program. As more people become aware of it's existence, FFN receives more requests for help. Volunteers currently needed for the program are:

When a request to help manage a feral colony is received, a team of volunteers goes into action. There are many jobs involved here, from careful preparation beforehand to actual trapping, to transporting the cats to and from the vet, to caring for the cats after surgery, to the final release. To join us in this exciting and important work, all that's required is a car, and a sincere wish to help these "forgotten felines". Training is provided.

Managed feral colonies must be fed, watered, and monitored daily. Caregivers take on the responsibility of managing "their" colony one or more days per week throughout the year.

Education / Outreach
Volunteers are needed to help us plan events to increase awareness of cat overpopulation, feral cats and responsible cat ownership. FFN creates and distributes educational material and organizes speaking engagements for groups. Encouraging youth involvement is one of our particular goals, so people connected to youth and youth groups are asked to help us get our message out to them and encourage their participation.

Working Cats Program
Relocating a feral cat colony is not recommended due to cats' strong territorial instinct. However, there are times when, for their safety, community cats must be relocated. Thus FFN is always looking for cat lovers with country property or alternatively a warehouse or shop property where such cats can be safely relocated. If you or someone you know could provide such accommodation, please let us know!

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