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Did you know?
Cats have difficulty seeing things that are directly under their noses, which is why sometimes they have difficulty finding morsels of food you drop on the floor for them.

We at FFN don't believe that higher prices mean better quality. If the cost of spay / neuter surgery is a factor for you, the following clinics may be of interest.

When checking prices, please remember to ask what is included. We encourage you as the client to research what is the best option for you and your cat.


Avon Pet Hospital | 519.271.7712
Perth Veterinary Services | 519.271.5171


East Village Animal Hospital (EVAH) | 519.455.3824
Wellington Baseline Animal Hospital | 519.680.1951
Oxford Animal Hospital | 519.601.6789


East Village Animal Hospital (EVAH) | 519.894.2323
KW Humane Society Community Assistance Program | 519.745.5615
Close Veterinary Clinic | 519.893.8937
Bruce Street Animal Hospital | 519.954.4522
West Heights Veterinary Hospital | 519.742.7387


Toronto Humane Society | 416.392.2273

Ontario SPCA Centre Veterinary Hospital Spay/Neuter Services: Newmarket | 905.898.6112
Barrie | 705.734.9882
St. Catharines | 905.688.7722
Windsor | 519.966.1118

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