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Did you know?
Cats prefer to view the world from a high vantage point where they can spy possible vermin and stay out of harm's way.

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feline friends behaviour hotline

Unresolved behaviour issues may cause cat owners to surrender their cats to an animal shelter. FFN members have many years experience with cats and want to help cat owners correct such issues before they become a problem. The FFN Behaviour Hotline is free. Please contact us at or call 519.301.5735.

Keeping Cats Out of the Garden
  1. Put something in the flower bed that is uncomfortable to walk on, such as:
    • Plastic carpet runner, turned upside-down so teeth are facing upward.
    • "Cat Scat" – Commercial product found at some garden supply stores (Lee Valley) consisting of four plastic spiked mats.
    • Large pieces of bark mulch, pine cones, or chicken wire.

  2. Place something in the flower bed with an odour offensive to cats, such as:
    • coffee beans
    • citrus peels
    • cinnamon
    • pipe tobacco
    • lavender
    • NEVER use cayenne pepper! It can get into their eyes
      All these items must be replenished regularly.

  3. Invest in a motion-activated sprinkler. Again, this is available through a garden supply store (such as Lee Valley). There are also motion-activated devices which blow out compressed air to frighten the animal (with names such as "SSCAT") – available at PetSmart or Amazon.

  4. If you know the cat's owner, try presenting him or her with the gift of a catnip plant for their garden to keep them at home.

  5. Create an outdoor litter box in a corner of the yard, using sandbox sand. Put a piece of the cat's poop in the sand to help draw them over. Scoop occasionally, and once a month or so, dump and replace the sand.

  6. There is an ultrasonic device called Cat Stop that works for many people and which FFN will loan out for a period of time. If interested, please call us at 519.301.5735. (This device is not currently available for sale in Canada).

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