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Did you know?
The 'wagging' of a cat's tail indicates indecision.

We recognize that the cat overpopulation and homelessness problems cannot be solved by adoption alone – there are simply too many cats, and not enough good homes. Therefore, our emphasis centres on spay/neuter and education programs.

If you live in Perth County Ontario and wish to enrol in any of the programs below, please contact Feline Friends Network at or 519.301.5735.

trap | neuter | return

Trap | Neuter | Return (TNR) is a program that humanely reduces the feral cat population and benefits both the cats and the community. Entire colonies of stray and feral cats are humanely trapped. Those cats too unsocialized to be adopted are neutered and vaccinated against disease by veterinarians, and then returned to their outdoor homes to live out their lives under the watchful eye of volunteer caregivers. In this way breeding and its accompanying nuisance behaviours such as spraying, yowling and fighting stop, and the population of each colony reduces over time.

*TNR program also available for barn cats in our catchment area.

Click here for our TNR Application form.

If you are caring for feral or barn cats that need to be spayed / neutered, or are interested in volunteering to help Feline Friends with our TNR program, please contact us at

Video : Mum Cat and Her Colony : A TNR Case Study

low-income spay | neuter assistance program

For many people who are finding it difficult to make ends meet, having their pet 'fixed' is not financially possible. We partner with a number of veterinary clinics to provide FREE* spay / neuter surgery for Perth County residents in financial difficulty. A maximum of 2 cats may be spayed / neutered per qualifying household per year.

Spaying (for female cats) or neutering (for male cats)

  • improves your pet's behaviour (prevents urine spraying, heat cycles, roaming and vocalizing)
  • improves your pet's health (spaying & neutering prevents some reproductive cancers)
  • prevents accidental litters of unwanted kittens
We recommend having your cat or kitten spayed or neutered by 4 months of age.

Who may qualify :
Residents of Perth County, Ontario, who have an annual gross household income of :

  • up to $30,000 for a 1-person household
  • up to $35.000 for a household of 2 family members
  • up to $40,000 for a household of 3 or more family members

If you want to get your cat(s) 'fixed', and think that you may qualify for our Low-Income Spay / Neuter Assistance Program, please follow these steps :

1 | Call or email one of the following agencies to make an appointment for an assessment :

Salvation Army
230 Lightborne Ave., Stratford, ON
Contact : David
tel. 519.271.2763

House of Blessing
423 Erie St., Stratford, ON
Contact : Molly
tel. 519.273.3433

Salvation Army
80 Rowland St., Mitchell, ON
Note : appointments available on Fridays from 10am - 1pm only
Contact : David
tel. 519.271.2763

Salvation Army
220 Queen St. E., St. Marys, ON
Contact : Pamela
tel. 519.284.2760

Salvation Army
326 Main St. E., Listowel, ON
Contact : Gwyneth
tel. 519.291.2900

2 | Remember to bring proof of your identity (photo i.d. card), place of residence, and income to your assessment appointment.

3 | You must agree that you will NOT have your cat declawed. Feline Friends Network will not fund the cost of spay / neuter surgeries where the cat is being declawed, because declawing is cruel and unnecessary.

4 | If you qualify, you will receive a voucher for a free spay / neuter, along with a list of veterinary clinics that have agreed to participate in our program. You must use one of the clinics on the list, as not all veterinary clinics accept Feline Friends Network's spay / neuter vouchers. Vouchers are good for two months from the date they are issued.

5 | Veterinarians will require your cat to be vaccinated. If you take your cat to East Village Animal Hospital (EVAH) in Kitchener or London, Feline Friends will cover the cost of vaccinations that are done at the time of surgery. If you take your cat to any of the other participating vet clinics, the cost of vaccinations is your responsibility. You may want to call more than one clinic to compare which vaccinations are required, when they need to be done, and what the cost of the vaccinations are.

6 | Once you have selected a clinic, make an appointment for the spay / neuter surgery. Be sure to bring your voucher to the clinic on the day of the surgery, and follow the Veterinarian's instructions for preparing your cat or kitten for surgery and caring for him / her after surgery.

*Please note that the Low-Income Spay / Neuter Assistance Program is subject to available funding and annual budgetary restrictions. Feline Friends Network may change the parameters of this program at any time without notice.

spay the mama

Dependent on funding and space, FFN may provide subsidized spay surgeries for mom-cats when their kittens are surrendered to a rescue organization for adoption.

evelyn’s fund

FFN has added a “Cinderella” Fund to help pay veterinary bills of rescue cats in need. (This fund is named after our first wonderful benefactor, Evelyn Saley.) If you want to help us to help rescue cats, please specify 'Evelyn's Fund' when you make your donation.

behaviour hotline

Unresolved behaviour issues may cause cat owners to surrender their cats to an animal shelter. FFN members have many years experience with cats and want to help cat owners correct such issues before they become a problem. The FFN Behaviour Hotline is free. Please contact us at or call 519.301.5735.


Feline Friends want to spread the word about spaying / neutering and other aspects of feline health and well-being. We educate and share information about our programs by organizing special annual events and through community awareness activities. Would you like a volunteer to make a presentation to your group or classroom, or to host a display at your event? We'd love to! Do you have an idea for an event? We'd love to hear it! Please contact us at 519.301.5735 or e-mail us at if you are interested.


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