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Did you know?
Cats hoist their tails when meeting to signal friendliness – the lower ranking cat will raise his tail to show recognition that the other cat has higher status.

If you wish to support Feline Friends Network, add your voice! More members in FFN mean more influence on public policy. Your membership fee will assist us by increasing our influence with governments and organizations.

Membership Options :

1 Year Membership
Memberships purchased before August 1 are valid until February 28 of the following year. $15

End of Year Membership
Memberships purchased between August 1 - October 31 are valid until February 28 of the following year. $7.50

Extended Membership
Memberships purchased between November 1 - December 31 make you a member until February 28 of the 2nd year following (eg. a membership purchased November 1, 2013 is valid until February 28, 2015). $15

There are three ways to pay for your membership:

If you bank online, you can send us an e-transfer.

  • Send e-transfers to
  • Answer to the security question : spayneuter
  • In the comments / message section, please include the word 'membership', plus your name, address, (so that we can send your membership card) e-mail address and phone number.

Click here for a printable form
, fill it in, and mail it with a cheque to:
Feline Friends Network
134 Brunswick Street
Stratford, ON, N5A 3M1
Please note that this is a MAILING ADDRESS ONLY –  not a shelter, foster home or office.

Use PayPal to process your membership payment securely. You can use your PayPal account or credit card. Please select date or length of membership purchase.

Benefits of Membership include:

• Knowing that you support an organization of volunteers who champion the humane treatment of homeless cats, assist low-income cat owners wishing to spay or neuter their cats and encourage the public to be responsible cat owners.

• Receiving our newsletter, Cat-Tales, highlighting events and news related to FFN.

• Being able to buy the FFN T-shirt at cost ($10)

• Show your membership card and get a 10% discount at the following stores :

Feed-All Pet Centre
Split Rail Country Store
Shuttercraft Window Coverings
Ruffin's Pet Centre (Discount applies to cat-related products only)
Global Pet Foods

St. Marys :
McPhail's Pet & Animal Needs

B&B Pet Supplies


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