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An average of 24 deeply embedded whiskers divided equally on either side of the face act as sensory detectors for the cat, providing information about its surroundings.

The FFN Fundraising Committee runs two major fundraisers a year in the Spring and Fall, and we are always thinking up new ideas to increase donations. We'd love to have your help. Please email Holly Roulston at to find out more.

Want to help fundraise but rather do it on your own? You can help raise money for FFN by planning your own mini-fundraiser! It's really simple to do.

How it works
Simply choose one or more of the options below, or come up with your own idea! Let us know what you have planned and if you have any questions.

Fundraise Online using CanadaHelps!
Would you like to fundraise in honour of the memory of a loved one, or for your anniversary, birthday, sporting / other special event, or just as a personal challenge? Click the Fundraise Now button below and you will be prompted to complete the simple steps to create a CanadaHelps Fundraising Page for Feline Friends Network. In minutes, you'll be ready to invite your friends and family to support FFN!

Fundraise Now Through!

Throw a Party!
Simply gather your friends as only you can, but instead of hostess gifts ask your guests to bring a donation to Feline Friends Network. Gather the donations in a fabulous bowl so your guests can see how their donations add up. Have available brochures about FFN so everyone can learn more about the charity!

Tarot Parties!
Invite guest over to learn more about themselves and their future! Be sure to tell your guests that the party is a fundraiser for Feline Friends! Let them know that the 15-minute readings are available for a minimum donation of $20. Not all your friends will want a reading –some may just want to join the party and donate to a great cause! (8 readings per party). Contact Pat Burnell at 519.271.0657 for more information or to arrange a Tarot Party.

Kids' Parties!
Have a little person who doesn't need more stuff? One who wants to help out a great charity and teach their friends about giving? Hold a Birthday Party and ask guests to bring donations for FFN in lieu of gifts for the Birthday Boy or Girl! You can even give out FFN party favours!

Garage Sale!
Sell all your gently used items in a yard sale to benefit FFN. Simply gather your things, set them up in your yard, or driveway and sell them! You can even combine your items with friends, family and neighbours and do one big sale!

You can simply place a "kittybank" or bowl in your front hall and every time you walk by it toss your extra change into the bank. Once a month donated it to FFN!

Consignment Shops!
Take your unwanted items to a consignment shop and designate the money raised to benefit FFN!

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