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As long as they are spayed or neutered, have shelter and adequate food, feral cats can live as healthy and long a life as pet cats.


TINKA | Tinka is a sweet, shy female. What we know about this pretty, petite girl is that she has had 2 litters of kittens this spring and last before we were able to get her trapped. We originally thought she would be spayed and returned to her outdoor home with a caregiver, but it was clear she was not feral at all (just frightened) at which time she was moved to a foster home for some tender loving care. Her $100 adoption fee includes spay / vaccines / microchip and preventative deflea / deworm treatment. For more info on Tinka contact or Click here for pre-adoption information form.


SEAMUS | Seamus (pronounced Shaymus) is a young adult neutered male. He is a total love and is happy to no longer be sitting outside looking in!  He is loving his new cat bed but will follow you around like a dog if you will let him. Seamus has an old eye injury that does not appear to bother him. If you would like to meet Seamus in his foster home in Stratford ON please contact or complete our online pre-adoption information form and one of our foster / adoption coordinators will be in touch.


MAMA | ADOPTION PENDING | Mama is also waiting for her forever home. She isnít ready to leave her offspring just yet, but we would love to have a forever home arranged for her once her kids are weaned (as they are all already adopted and can go home after their spay / neuter appointments in July). Mama is a sweet young female who had her babies under a porch in Stratford. Luckily the home owner and neighbours were looking out for her and helping to keep her fed and babies safe until a foster home could be arranged. If you are interested in meeting Mama please contact or complete our online pre-adoption information form and one of our foster / adoption coordinators will be in touch.

From time to time Feline Friends Network comes across homeless cats that are adoptable (i.e. not feral) and in need of a forever home. We do our best to help them find permanent, indoor homes but occasionally we discover a less-adoptable-cat, like Mowgli, featured in the video above. Less-adoptable-cats are those who might need special care because of an illness or injury or may need a particular environment in order to thrive. Want to be updated about less-adoptable-cats? Please click here to join our Less-adoptables notification list!

While we look for forever homes for our furry friends, we place these cats into temporary foster care homes. Our foster families work with the cats to make sure they are ready for adoption. Want to become a foster caretaker for FFN? Please click here to complete our mobile-friendly foster form!

To see our current adoptables, please scroll down. You can also click the Petfinder and Adoptapet links at the bottom of this page or follow us on facebook to see the most recent adoptable cats. Our foster caretakers are always happy to have you visit and meet any kitty you may be interested in adopting. All cats are spayed / neutered, given age appropriate vaccines and microchipped. You do not have to live in Perth County to adopt our foster cats or kittens – we are looking for the best possible forever homes regardless of location.

Want to meet or find out more about one or more of our cats or kittens? Please click here for our mobile-friendly pre-adoption information form!

Want to donate to help us help more cats? You can securely donate online through Canada Helps by clicking here!

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