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Did you know?
A cat does not scratch an object to sharpen his claws. Rather to rid himself of old claw sheaths, and to exercise the muscles associated with the retracting of the claws. Cats also have scent glands in the paws which communicate to other cats that they have been there.

feline film festival | june 9, 2017

feline film festival 2017

Mark your calendar now! Our 5th annual @ Knox Church, Stratford.

Contribute videos now by posting them on our facebook page ( Remember to include the hashtag #felinefilmfest in your post. Or, email links to

New this year, advance tickets available at :

Avon Pet Hospital
, 345 Douro St, Stratford

Boomers Gourmet Fries
, 26 Erie St, Stratford

The Buzz Stop
, 17 York St, Stratford

Coventry Animal Hospital
, 535 Huron St. Stratford

Divine Esthetics Day Spa, 315 Front St. unit 1, Stratford

Pet Valu
, 581 Huron St, Stratford

Split Rail Country Store
, 4304 Rd. 119, Mornington St. N, Stratford

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